About us

Meet Emily, Your Nail Art Maestro at Dazznails!

In 2019, I transformed my passion for mixed-medium painting into wearable nail art with the launch of Dazznails. Since then, my custom-made press-on nails have adorned the hands of over 10,000 clients worldwide, delivering a luxurious salon experience right to their homes.

As a certified nail technician and educator, I prioritize using top-tier materials, including Apres, LUXA, and Magpie, ensuring a superior quality and reusable manicure. Inclusivity is at the heart of my brand, offering the broadest range of neutral shades to cater to diverse tones.

Bringing my clients’ visions to life is my pleasure. If you have a design you’ve been dreaming about, it would be an honor for me to turn that dream into a reality.

Time & Money-Saving

Skip the salon wait! Transform your nails anytime, anywhere.

5-Minute DIY

Easy application like makeup. Fabulous nails in just minutes!

Lasts Up To 2 Weeks

Durable for everyday wear, perfect for every occasion.

Exclusive Designs

Unique, luxury nails crafted by expert artists.